Jerry Garcia Sunglasses and Handmade Clothing 

All clothing is hand made by me. One of a Kind.  Original.

My clothing line is named:  "Perfect Imperfections"

 Some clothing is listed as UP Cycled and that means parts of the them began their life as other things

but that other parts of them were brand new and not repurposed

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

If for some reason the contact me tag is broken/unavailable feel free to email us at:


Even faster response can be attained at FB

We value your business and know how it feels to wait for an answer

'guaranteed 24 hour response' 


Shipping prices are for the USA

If you live outside the USA

please email your zip code/city/country/items your interested in purchasing for your exact shipping costs.

 Thank you.

  For those of you new to PayPal, you'll provide me with a shipping address through their order form. There is always a 'further instructions' box in your order process for letting us know anything your heart desires.  PayPal never charges you, the customer to use their services. 

Shipping is done through the United States Post Office because they're still the best

Hundreds shipped with no injury ~ Insurance always provided ~ Shipping within 3 days of payment~Usually next day

Feedback is ALWAYS appreciated and can earn you discounts on future orders


Return Policy
You'll receive a full refund through PayPal or a replacement. You have 14 days to get them back to us from date received. 

Buyer is responsible for shipping costs to return the item. 

You must contact us and let us know your issue with the merchandise.

You should be able to go into your PayPal account and print out the transaction proof to be included.  We keep records and can match you with the sale.

If you have an item that was damaged in shipment, you'll contact the USPS for reimbursement through the insurance I've provided.

I'd be happy to help with any problems.

Call 1-800-ASK-USPS in this case and let them know. Just bring the item and packaging right to the post office and let them know what happened. You fill out one tiny form and it's in the works.  

I've been in business 15 years now~successfully. If I goof and send you something I didn't personally check first (it has been known to happen) please e-mail  and we'll work out the details to your satisfaction


 If purchasing multiple items and you're not in a hurry, 

e-mail us first and we'll figure out a way lower ship price for you!

Expect changes and improvements... Change is good

~Thank you for shopping at Pier Shades!


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