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Big Bad Bertha

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 For amazing photographs of this coat please click here

She is 3 layers thick.

Center layer is a soft, heavy fleece sandwiched between satin, lace, velvet and velvetine

Bertha will keep you warm

Outer layer is satin, lace & part of a new tapestry 

I attached 7 inches of black lace to the bottom of the inside satin layer so it would swing below the sides & back of the coat ala Stevie Nicks.

Love the black roses around the collar!

Sewed the front lace back so you wouldn't get it stuck in the zipper.

The zipper is a Parka zipper.

Light weight but heavy duty that zips from top AND from bottom.

So proud and excited to offer this coat up for sale.

From my brain to your back.


Always leave at least 6" space between your body's and the garment to ensure a comfy fit

You can even be a few inches smaller than that for a great fit.

You can also use something you already own (that is NOT made of stretchy material). Grab a tape measure and compare those measurements to these.



58" at the chest

so you'd need to be no larger than 52 inches


Sleeves :

Shoulder to wrist 26"

Pit to wrist 18"


Length from front collar to bottom hem: 36"

Length from back collar to bottom hem point: 52"

(these measurements go from collar to bottom of the LACE which hangs below the coat.)

Bottom hem circumference : 141"

(Spinner Coat!)


This is a one of a kind piece of art

It took over 2 months to create

There will never be another like her

I would dry clean this garment.


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