Jerry Garcia Sunglasses and Handmade Clothing 


Corduroy Jerry Bear Brown Jacket


Two types of corduroy

3 types of trim

velvet wrists


From the back collar to bottom hem = 30"

Chest = 50"

Bottom Hem = 100''

Sleeve (pit to wrist) = 17.5"


Always leave at least 6" space between your body's size and the garment to ensure a comfy fit


Example: Garment chest is 50" therefore your chest measurement

should be no more than 44" (after subtracting 6" from 50") for it to be a comfy fit.

You can even be a few inches smaller than that for a great fit.


Garment is not lined but is comfy warm without it


Garment is zippered


Hand made, original design & one of a kind from my crazy brain


Patch is layered by fusion/ironing as well as stitching. 


"I've seen those people dressed like 'hippies' wearing their store bought pre ripped jeans...I've seen their patchwork, perfect seams...they ain't hippies." ~


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