Jerry Garcia Sunglasses and Handmade Clothing 


Blue Jerry Bear Scarf


59" scarf + 5" of Indian glass beadwork = 5' 4" of warm fuzzy

Dancing Jerry Bear is fused/bonded with the deep blue outer scarf as well as stitched on

I include the photo on the sewing table to show you a more accurate view of the silky inside lavender, it bleached out to white in the outdoor photographs.

The Indian glass beadwork has some weight to it, so it'd be fun to toss it and have it automatically wrap around. You know what I mean? You can fling it on!

I've never worked with this blue material before. It is challenging but worth the effort. I set it over my shoulders and went outdoors to photograph and it's really toasty .

 I'm hesitant to tell you it is thinsulate because I do not lie and dislike misrepresenting the product but it sure does its job of keeping you warm.  (I bought this last year and forgot what it is called.)

This can be cold water washed but because of the silky inside, don't put it in the dryer.  Both materials are good at keeping a person warm, that's why I chose them.  It's about functionality first here in Western Maine.

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