Grateful Dead Jerry Garcia Eyes of the World Shades circa 1995

Friend of the Devil, Miracle, Dark Star, Jack Straw styles 
& original hand made clothing/jewelry
 Jerry Garcia 
Eyes of the World Sunglasses

Jerry Garcia Sunglasses and Handmade Clothing 


Bear Messenger Purse


Lined with a fuschia silkiness
Bear is ironed on/fused as well as stitched on
(all 3 layers individually)
Strap is nice and wide (3")
The center of the strap is wide ribbed corduroy
for that softness where it rests on your shoulder

One of a kind
Handmade by me
"Built for comfort"

Upholstery materials used in the construction of the outer shell
so it's going to last a long time

The front panel measures 12" across by 10.5" deep
Bottom panel is 3.5" wide 
Strap is 34" long
 You could put something 12" x 12" inside if it was thin

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