Grateful Dead Jerry Garcia Eyes of the World Shades circa 1995

Friend of the Devil, Miracle, Dark Star, Jack Straw styles 
& original hand made clothing/jewelry
 Jerry Garcia 
Eyes of the World Sunglasses

Jerry Garcia Sunglasses and Handmade Clothing 


Polka Dot Jacket & Skirt

$99.00 $159.29

The plain black material is a 'brushed back' cotton
that looks & feels a lot like velvet, nice heavy velvet
but it isn't.

Sleeves and skirt bottom both trimmed in a sweet black satin

The sleeves on this jacket are amazing sheer and do not match but do!
 Bohemian Rhapsody

One of a kind
Hand made
by me
Perfect Imperfections

You are not buying my little red shirt.
You must provide your own splash of color!


Stretched 58"  
UNstretched 36"

The elastic is wide 
Even though it is 'non rolling' type
I also stitch it in place several places for insurance

Length 39"  
Bottom Hem 94"


Neck front to hem 29"
Back to hem 31"

Sleeve :  
Inner 16"  Outer 25"
Bottom hem

Try to give yourself 6" of space between the garments'

measurements and those of your body for a comfy loose fit

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